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Canterra Social Impact Plan

Canterra's Plan To Give Back To The Local Community & Beyond

At Canterra, we believe in not only providing top-tier cannabis products and services but also in building a community that thrives together. Our commitment extends beyond our business, reaching into the heart of the communities we serve.

Here's how we're making a positive impact:

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1. Supporting Local Charities

Community Engagement:

We actively participate in various local charitable activities and collaborate with nonprofit organizations within the community.

Financial Support:

A percentage of our proceeds is directed towards local charities that align with our values, supporting causes that matter the most to our community.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Our employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to local causes, fostering a culture of giving back.

2. Environmental Cleanup

Sustainable Practices:

Our operations are designed to minimize environmental impact, from the products we choose to the way we deliver them.

Cleanup Initiatives:

We organize and participate in regular environmental cleanup campaigns, targeting local parks, rivers, and other natural spaces. These efforts not only help preserve our environment but also raise awareness about environmental stewardship.

Partnerships with Environmental Groups:

Collaborating with local environmental organizations ensures that our efforts are aligned with broader ecological goals and initiatives.

3. Supporting Education

Educational Partnerships:

We work closely with educational institutions to support programs that empower the youth and adult learners in our community.

Scholarships and Grants:

Canterra offers scholarships to deserving students pursuing studies in areas that resonate with our mission and values.

Educational Outreach:

Our commitment to education extends to the wider community through workshops, seminars, and educational materials focused on responsible cannabis use, health, and wellness.


Canterra is more than a retail cannabis delivery service; we are a force for positive change in our community. Our social impact plan illustrates our dedication to local charities, environmental cleanup, and supporting education.


By working together with our partners, customers, and community members, we aim to create a lasting impact that resonates with the values we hold dear. Join us in our mission to enrich lives, protect our planet, and educate our community. Let’s grow together.